June 10, 2021

Extraction's Ending Flawlessly Explained

Netflix’s latest original feature, starring Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, alongside Bollywood sensation Randeep Hooda, is about as high-octane a thriller as any action fan could hope for. Through all the captivating action sequences and frenetic fight scenes, Extraction actually manages to tell a pretty complex story with an ambiguous ending that has fans abuzz with theories.

Extraction follows protagonist Tyler Rake, a former member of the Australian Special Air Service Regiment now working as an off-the-books mercenary. At the film’s outset, he’s engaged by fellow killer-for-hire Nik Khan to rescue the son of India’s leading drug kingpin, who is currently being held for an exorbitant ransom by rival Bangladeshi drug lord Amir Asif.

A hiccup during Rake’s attempted “extraction” of his target brings down the wrath of Saju, another former special operative currently in the employ of the Bangladeshi drug lord. Rake and Saju engage in a complex game of cat and mouse…

But they ultimately end up working together to outwit the authorities on their tails.

As far as action-thriller set-ups go, it’s about as compelling as they come, but viewers hoping for a clear-cut resolution that sees charismatic anti-hero Rake victoriously walking away from an explosion in slow motion were left with a real head scratcher. Let’s break Extraction’s ambiguous ending down with a little help from the film’s director, Sam Hargrave.

At the beginning of the film, shark-eyed mercenary Tyler Rake has an obvious death wish. His ambivalence toward his own continued survival is a big part of what makes him such a deadly merc. We learn that much of Rake’s nihilism stems from the death of his son, a loss that still haunts him.

It’s his relationship with Ovi, his target for extraction, that ultimately saves Rake from himself. As Rake begins to form a bond with Ovi, he no longer sees the drug heir as a simple job, but rather a kid whose life has become more important than his own.

By the time the film reaches its climactic shootout on the bridge, Rake takes a mortal wound to ensure Ovi’s safe escape. This emotional beat lands because we actually believe that Rake no longer wants to die, but has chosen to give up his life to save Ovi’s. So Rake gets to go to his grave feeling like he redeemed his soul, while Ovi lives to fight another day. Satisfying ending, right?

Not so fast.

After Ovi’s daring escape, the film presents a very unexpected coda. In the final moments of Extraction, Ovi jumps into a peaceful swimming pool, a mirror image of Rake’s first scene jumping off a cliff. When he comes up for air, he sees a blurry figure standing in the background who bears a striking resemblance to Rake, but the film ends before we get any actual confirmation. So, what gives?

As it turns out, Extraction’s final moments were left open to interpretation by design. Hargrave weighed in on the mystery surrounding this final scene. He told Collider:

“We had a version of the movie, and we tested it a lot, and it was not surprising that a lot of people wanted the character to live, and some people wanted him to die…If people on one hand feel like the story is complete and is a story of redemption through sacrifice, then for them, it’ll be where the kid is imagining [Rake standing there], and then now you go, ‘Yes, I’m satisfied.'”

Hargrave went on to explain, quote, “If you feel like you love Tyler Rake, and you love Chris Hemsworth, and you want a sequel, and you’re like ‘There’s no way, you can’t kill him!’ then that’s Tyler Rake standing there looking at you. So we kind of purposefully did not pull focus to the character standing there.”

For fans looking for a little more closure, Hargrave shared that the original screenplay for Extraction included a much more definitive ending. In screenwriter Joe Russo’s intended story, Tyler Rake very explicitly dies on the bridge, completing the character arc he started when he dove off that cliff in the initial scene. Hargrave told Collider that the test audiences weren’t crazy about the sacrifice, however.

He dished:

“People were torn; it was almost down the middle. We want to appeal to as many people as possible without compromising the integrity of the story. And so, we think a pretty good compromise is to make an ambiguous ending.”

Hargrave ultimately admitted that he prefers to imagine that Rake is dead by the film’s conclusion, claiming that he felt as though Rake had redeemed himself through sacrifice. For fans in desperate need of finality, that’s probably the best you’re going to get. The rest of us will have to learn to live with the ambiguity, at least until we get an Extraction 2. Watch the video to have Extraction’s Ending Flawlessly Explained!

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  • I’d of been good either way, sacrifice or still alive! But he’s still alive, illustrated by Ovi sitting at the bottom of the pool! The only person that calls back to is Tyler! New lease on life and they’re already talking sequels!

  • he died….
    he took a shot to his carotid artery…that's a fatal wound..it takes a miracle and a surgeon with hands of a demi God to survive that
    not to mention the other shots he took..
    not to mention falling into the river..

  • I thought the kid drowned himself when he jump onto the pool and resurface.. I was thinking if that were the case that the kid is one effin ungrateful bast*rd.

  • River probably was too bad. Rake ended up fighting to stay afloat and somehow ended up ashore and a desi got him took care of him till he regained full strength.

  • So no ones gonna talk about the kid that shot tyler on the neck. He's freed too from bangladesh drugload but also i want him to die lol

  • This film has huge technical mistakes. Bangladesh is not that dirty. It is Bangladesh not Syria. Also the bengali that was spoken is like Ford building a racing car with Carrol Shelby and Ken miles. Overall, if i just watches this film for action and did not consider any of the technical mistakes I would give it 9/10. With everything considered 4/10.

  • He died,…lungs filled with blood and he got hit in the jugular. Idk why they put that in. Maybe he wasn’t really there but just watching over him.

  • Saju wasn't working for Bangladeshi drug lord …

    Saju was ex-special force personnel working for Ovi's Father , and saju was responsible for safety of Ovi while Ovi's Father was in jail .

  • Pretty bold for looper to say that they're going to give us a flawless explanation. Saju was not working for the competing drug lords, he was working for the boy's father. They just didn't want to pay the mercenaries because all of his assets were frozen by there government.

    Giving this film an ambiguous ending totally ruins what could have been a decent movie. Especially since the survivability of his wounds (neck and chest) would have been zero. Not to mention the whole country would be looking for the guy that killed what seemed like a hundred cops. But he can just be walking around just to say hi to the kid in the end of the film? Maybe I've been watching too much Critical Drinker but this film is like many movies of the day: well made visually but with a shit plot. At least they keep the themes simple and compelling and no too convoluted.

  • It was an okay movie, not the best. TBH i might get some hate, but I feel the story could be more compelling and grounded. I feel like the father son trope did not have enough time to connection with each other, the film didn't focus enough on why he would willingly sacrifice himself in reflection to his own son (just basically says his a boy roughly the same age as his son that is it).

  • This movie was toooooooooooo dope!!!!! Havent seen a movie this good in a min. Thank you 4 this 1. Ill will be watching this 1 over & over.

  • realistic character arcs make a perfect story. when they start trying to save characters because of popularity they kill the excitement and the intrigue

  • the movie is bad,because they use kids as hostage and as criminals in a bloody movie, no kids in john wick movies. He didnt kill the kids, but turns out he was killed by the same kids at the back of his kneck,..surely no one lives in that,multiple shots in focus of the face while taking the bullets till death.. its pretty bad presentation even if its not chris. The real thing is ,in the end, tyler is not the last thing in our mind,but wishing to kill at beginning the kid that killed Tyler, which is bad. impossible for a sequel,he got shot at the kneck, blood is everyhere,no chance to be alive at that shot.

  • If he survived, then he could still have redeemed himself through sacrifice. He went through all of this for a boy, and ended up with what happened at the end. He was near death and sacrificed his live essentially, but is given a second chance at life after the fall and survives, a new man reborn after completing the rescue, and now being able to live in peace due to his atonement. It would be the equivalent of an anime character dying and then getting resurrected after dying by trying to stop the villain.

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