January 6, 2021

Why Shallon Lester's Content Is Harmful & Problematic

hey y’all, in todays video I discuss the youtuber Shallon Lester and her problematic content that is extremely harmful to impressionable people & people’s mental health. I do so by explaining the shadey ways her channel has gained its success and by reacting to some of her shocking videos.

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  • I used to listen to her all the time when I was in a bad place. When she talked about Pete Davidson having BPD I freaked out because it seemed as though I had the same thing and she made it sound life ruining. Her content is entertaining but definitely not good for mental health. (I did end up talking with my doctor and did not have bpd)

  • I love Luke and I think you handled this so well. You educated against the harmful lies she spreads and you explain why it is wrong. She is a toxic woman and is manipulative to her audience. I’m glad you spoke about it 💕

  • 18:01 My thoughts when i heard her opinions on Megan and Harry. WTF. It is in contraction to her own perspective on men, especially younger and White.

    She’s a trip but entertaining.

  • I love your commentary. Thank you for using this platform for good. So sick of the narcissistic, unintelligent, inconsiderate people making it big on here. They do not deserve the attention they receive.

    EDIT: WTF. I just got to the Pete Davidson part. APPALLED.

  • Actually I find this kinda funny! Next clap-back one-liner encountering another abusive person will be:
    "Your delusional perception of people comes from watching too many Shallon Lester's videos!" XD

  • I have bipolar but watching all this stuff about her actually makes me feel remarkably sane in comparison to someone like her. She’s toxic ain’t no medication for that.

  • She puts so many other women down it's so horrible it upsets me how she talked about megan markle because megan is a good decent person. it's funny how she is wearing a feminist shirt but shes putting down women and men.

  • Ohhhh my god. I've heard so many things about her but I've never seen the clips. I'm honestly shocked, like people were not exaggerating about her at ALL. "A white man on this planet suffering from anxiety and depression" like ? I get it, white men tend to have more societal privilege than a lot of folks, but that does NOT make them immune to mental illness what on earth is she thinking ??

  • Well said Luke. I cannot stand her and I have nothing but bad vibes about her. With my college degree in behavioral science, Shallon’s credentials is fake AF! She does not qualify to be making these types of videos whilst claiming her expertise in human psychology and giving advice that she’s not qualified to give. The first time I saw her channel, it didn’t take me long to read her very fast and she’s not authentic at all. Shallon Lester is definitely narcissistic and a FRAUD!!!!

  • I am glad you made this video. In that "psychopath" video, she claimed (as a fact) that St Mother Teresa of Calcutta was a psychopath. I am a Nun and I can tell you for a fact, Mother Teresa of Calcutta was not a psychopath, and nor did any of her behaviour check off on professor Hare's psychopathy checklist. It is simply a lie. A very serious lie. One of my sources was a Missionary Sister of Charity that I spent time in hospital with. She had spent 16 years working alongside Mother Teresa in Calcutta.

    Lester takes the WOKE view that anyone who doesn't see things her way is to be demonised. She speaks about men as "fuckboys" and shows her female fans how to give oral sex like a porn star. I won't go into detail suffice to say there was an analogy with a drinking fountain that was particularly graphic. She also has strong views on abortion. Now, these three things would not be countenanced by Catholic teaching.

    We teach that the body is the temple of the soul and you should respect your body, and the bodies of other people. Men and women are not simply objects for sex. Sexuality is a gift given to us by God and is celebrated, but sex brings with it consequences. Sexuality is best expressed within a loving, committed relationship, ideally a marriage. This helps shield one from some of the possibly negative effects of sexuality: emotional hurt, sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy without support.

    It is never a good idea to do something that will make a man think of you as a porn performer. This might sound old fashioned, and I'm not saying missionary only lol. just enjoy your sexuality in an atmosphere of mutual love. Making a man think of you as a porn girl will not make you popular; it will make you disrespected.

    Abortion is not something to promote as easy to do and free of consequences. Shallon promotes abortion like it's just nipping to Walmart. I understand there are some painful, frightening situations involved in some pregnancies. This is not a simple issue. Many women (and men) are greatly damaged by abortion. There must be a sensitive response. This is not the place to discuss this. The reason I have will be clear in a minute. If anyone is reading this and facing an unplanned pregnancy I advise you to speak to someone from both sides. Many pro-life women have had abortions they regretted terribly. You will find them compassionate. God bless you.

    The reason I have said all this is partly because one cannot raise a serious topic and not engage with anyone reading or watching you responsibly. Shallon says some very irresponsible things, in a very irresponsible way. She hated on Mother Teresa because she wants to hate on Catholic teaching, often the antithesis of her own thinking. If she wants to hate on Catholics take us on directly. Don't slander a woman who gave her life to care for people suffering. It is not simply the slandering of a truly great woman that is a concern. The Missionary Sisters of Charity still work around the world to help alleviate suffering. I would like young women to be inspired by their example and for people to give if they can.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  • Thank you Luke for making this video, I didn't know this lady before but she's toxic and it's disgusting

  • I honestly believe that she’s at a point now where she truly believes that what she says is factual. It started out as purposeful lies, probably for views, and now she’s so far gone she thinks it’s all true. She’s delusional.

  • If we report the videos that were mentioned in the video her channel could possibly get deleted 🤷🏼

  • She literally made up a story where she and Harry Styles had a makeout session and declared on Twitter that she had sex dreams about Justin Bieber when he was underage

  • I'm embarrassed for myself because when I was 13, I knew I was about to have my first kiss, so I watched the HowCast videos that Shallon was in… I had no idea who she was back then, but after Luke mentioned she's the lady from the HowCast videos, I'm having flashbacks from 7 years ago lmao…

  • When you are reading a Harry Styles Wattpad fanfic and you start thinking you made out with him on a hallway LOL

  • Also, unrelated but the reflection in your glasses makes it look as if you’re wearing purple eyeshadow and I gotta say, it ain’t bad

  • Finally people are saying something about this. I thought only I feel uncomfortable with what she says.

  • Shes not smart because she was not thinking abot longterm gain, only short term gain! So stop crediting people like this as being smart!

  • ok… I have been watching anti-Shallon videos all day long trying to figure out why people are so mad….and I just don't get it. She says CONSTANTLY that the gossip isn't what's important, its the life lessons that we take from it. Her advice is helpful. She helped me navigate a really difficult breakup and she preaches nothing but self-esteem, confidence, knowing your worth, and taking care of the people around you. Treating her viewers as "young, impressionable people" who don't know right from wrong is actually kind of condescending. I can be a fan of hers, enjoy her content, and filter out the things that I know don't align with my views. I have bipolar depression, and I'm not obsessed with the way she talks about mental health, but I also know that my experience is my own, and nothing she says can invalidate it. I also think it's important how she talks about how people sometimes use mental health to be manipulative because THAT IS TRUE and very few people have the courage to say it. She is a good person, and just because the way she speaks about mental health isn't perfectly PC (she is a little bit older, the way we tiptoe around mental health nowadays is quite new), doesn't mean she doesn't care. Also….I know its a technicality, but you said multiple times how it's bewildering to you that she cares so much about celebrities…..but you have also built a career around being obsessed with Youtubers and commenting on their lives, so its a little odd that you would see that as somehow illegitimate. Just a thought.

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